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This section will hopefully include all the information you require to be able to upload images to the photo gallery.


Step 1 - on the Photo Gallery at the top of the page there is a button "+ Add photos" circled in red <---- click this and you will be taken to the uploading photos section.

Step 2 - at the top (circled in red <--) type the name that you want the album to be called unless you are adding to an existing album then click existing album and select the album name from drop down list.

Step 3 - Click Upload photos (Circled in Brown <---) once you have clicked that it will bring up a box where you will browse to where the images are located

step 3.2 - This is the view of the image upload section where once you have navigated to the folder where your images are saved select the images you want to upload then click open.

Step 4 - if you are uploading a lot of images you may wish to make a cup off tea as this bit may take a while.
once the images have uploaded it will show small versions so you can see the images you are uploading.

Step 5 - Once the images have all uploaded click submit (Circled in red <---) and it will take you to the next section

Step 6 - This is the final touches to your images where at the top section under "Album details" you can change the title and add a description. you also need to select the album category such as if the images are of an event or your koi pond or you can also select create new category.

Step 6.2 - Under photo details you have the title and description, if you wish you can fill these in to give the people viewing the images a better idea of what the image shows but this is not required. you can also select which image you wish as your cover image by checking the "set album cover"

Step 7 - At to bottom of that page click "Save" and you are done all those images will be viewable to everyone on the website
Once you have clicked "Save" it will take you to the album folder showing all your images and because you put these images on you are able to edit that album by clicking "edit album" or add to the album by selecting "add photos"

Thanks for reading this user guide if you have any problems user the contact form on the previous page to contact me or email admin@yorkshiresectionbkks.co.uk